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Making Piano Relevant for Today’s Student


Gone are the days where students will sit for 30 minutes a day, dryly and dutifully practising pieces and exercises that have no meaning to them.


And thank goodness for that!


Today’s budding musician demands understanding of what they do and the freedom to bring their own brand of special to what they create.  They say, let me own this, let me see what I can do!


The world has lost many an inspiring musician as they suffocate in traditional teaching methods… a model that appears to have lost its way…


“A major factor in the diminished popularity of classical music is the failure of modern performers fully to understand what the musical notation of the past was expected to convey to them. Pre-20th century musicians approached performance much more like popular musicians still do. For them, it was more fluid, more personal – composers expected them to understand the hidden messages behind the notes. Even in the great music of the late 19th century such as that of Brahms, options in performance were hinted at rather than prescribed. The notation was merely a starting point – a great performer was expected to go beyond it”.



In this Century, you or your child can explore a delicious variety of genres, falling in love with choices from a smorgasbord that is available due to the 20th Century expansions and explorations from pioneering artists.  We can be influenced, and add our own special brand of magic, simply sharing the joy in private playing, or pioneering new creations and genres of our own into the world.


We have ACCESS to all of this richness and can share it freely, globally, through the web.

We can even create and record digitally in our own homes, if we wish.


Today’s student is also a busy one and would generally like it yesterday, please.  Right or wrong, this seems to be the case more and more.


So much has changed.


Therefore the way we need to teach piano also needs to change.


This is a seriously exciting era to learn music in.



 With modern goals and students in mind, I promise:


  •  understanding of individual learning styles, needs and desires to ensure that all students can grow and learn – in a safe space for them.

  • respect for the student’s rights to incorporate their freedom of creative expression and choice, and provide the means for it.

  • new methods into effective and efficient ways to practice – can you learn faster in less time?? YES!

  • inspiration to commit to achieving impressive skill sets that enable musical goals to become reality.

  • true understanding of musical notation – we’re not just playing by finger number or learning by rote.  A solid knowledge of the logical formats of the written language of music allow for advanced progression and confidence.  A shaky foundation here (confusion) is a common reason for quitting.

  • understanding of musical structures that allow for modern playing, composing, improvisation (making it up on the spot) and working with an ensemble/band (group).

  • the latest in learning technology. Yes, there is an app for that.

  • incorporates where desired, curriculums from the AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board), for technique, sight-reading and artistry. Available curriculums, are Piano for Leisure (mixed genres), Pianoforte (Classical) and RockSchool (expands into improvisation, aural and composition techniques for knowledge and careers in modern music).  Exams are optional.


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