Skips and Steps offers:


Weekly, half hour, one-on-one lessons that follow 10 week terms* for ages 5 - Adult

Enrol anytime at pro-rata rates.

*Term dates coincide roughly with dates set by the WA Department of Education each year plus an optional 4 week term in January.

Adult enrolments, or homeschooled student term dates can be more flexiblie.

Term, Book & Exam Costs


$350 per 10 week term

- Enrol anytime at pro-rata rates -

Payments are invoiced 2 weeks prior to the start of term and due within the first week of term, unless otherwise arranged. Payment arrangements can be offered under conditions.

Lessons outside of terms (school holidays) can be booked on request.

Additional Costs:

Method Books: approx. $14 

Adult Books: approx $30 

Grading books: approx $30.

First level exams (optional) : approx. $70 - $100.

Sheet music - $5 - $7 each

Lessons in January

Casually booked at $35 p/lesson

Lessons through January are highly recommended to keep consistency and motivation up, and prevent loss of learning.

Term fees cover:

A weekly rented time-slot that is YOURS.

(Whether it is used or not)


Bonus Value!

  • the benefit of ongoing hours of research, and the systemised implementation (of that research in teaching) of the latest in these constantly evolving areas:

piano pedagogy

fast-track learning techniques

safe piano practices

modern piano practices

the latest and best in learning technology

specific to piano practice and theory

  • meticulously created theory and practice reference sheets and folders

  • an expanding program in modern structure

  • access to Examination Boards and Certification & advice to pathways for University education and careers

  • a safe, well-stocked and insured studio

  • a website that offers practice & piano purchase advice

  • uploaded YouTube demonstrations and ongoing practice advice and support

  • laminated wall charts to guide practice

  • and much more.

Ring Leela on 0422 501 512 or email for enquiries and enrolments

Terms and Conditions - support the teacher who supports you =)

Skips and Steps Policies

Term Dates

  • Skips and Steps Piano term dates loosely follow the dates set by the Education Department for school terms. 

  • Where lessons fall on a public holiday, they are still held, excepting Easter.

Practice Commitment Policy

  • Skips and Steps Piano now requires that all enrolled students commit to a practice schedule and reserves the right to discontinue enrolment into the next term where lack of practice is consistent.

Student Absence Policy

  • Term fees cover a regular lesson time. Efforts are made to ensure the time is sustainable and convenient for you.  No makeups will be given for times missed by the student, under all circumstances, to allow me to continue to provide this service.

Student Illness Policy

  • Teachers reserve the right to not teach a student where they are coughing or sneezing a lot, or in any way contagious.  (This includes, but not limited to, coughing, sneezing, fevers and illness-induced malaise).  This allows the studio to keep running in good health, under close-quarter conditions. 

  • The absent student policy is applicable to illness where I need to send a child home from the lesson. This allows the business to continue to provide service.

Teacher Illness Policy

  • When the teacher is unwell, a makeup time will be negotiated during the school holidays.  Credits won't be offered.  This allows the business to keep providing service.  Credits are only offered a discretion where a makeup time cannot be negotiated. A makeup lesson is the absolute default here. 

Cancellation Policy

  • Please give 2 weeks notice if you intend to cancel your enrolment at the end of term.  A $30 cancellation fee applies without the notice given.  Midterm cancellations will occur a $30 fee. This allows the business to continue to provide service.

Late Payments of Invoice and Payment Plan Policy

  • Please arrange with Leela if you are unable to pay your invoice on time.  Skips and Steps reserves the right to cancel enrolment where invoices remain unpaid.

  •  Clients with payment plans still fall strictly under the Student Absent Policy where missed lessons are paid for and the Teacher Illness Policy where missed lessons are made up. If this isn’t honoured, Skips and Steps wont be able to continue to offer a payment plan in future, and the missed payment will be added onto the next term’s fees.


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