Kiddy Keys - Real, fun, no-practice piano know-how for the pre-school musician.


1 TERM = 10 x 40 minute weekly, high value classes for $200


with opportunities for further 'Group Hug' discounts

The fees will be payable AFTER the first class

...and if your child decides it's not for them...

no fees will be charged at all.

*(RMS students = $180 term for 10 x 30 minute classes)

Payment arrangements are available.

 This price includes free enrolment for your child into the KiddyKeys Baldivis Club,

delivering extra prizes and bonuses throughout the year. 

And because we’re all about sharing the opportunitiesto be a part of whole new worlds of musical adventure,

I’m offering further $20 Group Hug Discounts

for every enrolment you bring to KiddyKeys Baldivis. 

This is an ongoing offer that you can take advantage of again and again!

Plus, tell your friend they can have a Group Hug too, with $20 off their new enrolment.


Choose From:

Mondays or Thursdays @ 3:25 pm

Mondays @ 11:30am

Venue given on enrolment - Baldivis Dales Estate

Tuesdays & Wednesdays 1pm @ RMS for Rockingham Montessori Studes

Parents and siblings - You can enjoy FREE WiFi & PingPong while you wait.

(You do not need to stay, but do need to be punctual for pick up).

FREE Early Drop Off Available from 3pm (negotiable)

...for those who need to pick up other children from school during the class time.


Introductions to the music staff and the piano keyboard, allowing your child to begin to read and understand written music.

• Recognition of notes and their meaning, allowing your child to read written rhythms.

• Rhythm and movement that develop fine and gross motor skills, developing innate musical rhythm.  (No ‘2 left feet’ or ‘all thumbs’ here!)

• Number recognition and counting, for confident finger use and accurate rhythm development.

• Musical terminology incorporated into memory building exercises.

• Recognition of the musical alphabet (A-G), colours and shapes.

• Creative development through sound composition (creating their own music) and exploration, keeping  their creative minds working and juicy!

• Improved hand-eye coordination with hands-on experience with instruments and the keyboard. So fun,  they won't even know they’re learning it. This is essential to play written music easily.

• Discernment of high, low, soft and loud sounds, allowing development of listening skills and the ‘musical ear’.  Essential for every musician, and helpful for school.

• Story times teach about inspiring, famous composers and musical terminology. Did you know Mozart wrote the tune to Twinkle Little Star?

• All lessons incorporate character development with positive emotional and social skills, building self  worth, and of course support school curriculums, adaptation and learning.

All of these concepts are cleverly disguised in packages that are designed to be

UTTERLY ENGAGING AND FUN for your young child.

“KiddyKeys empowerd my children to glide effortlessly into playing and thoroughly enjoying piano by the age of five.  It exposes young children to music theory in such a way that it becomes second nature to them, and after they leave the program, learning even more sophisticated music theory continues to be fun, hence easy.”Missy, Mother of Liam and


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