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Learn A Tune Note Naming Games

Fun, easy and engaging.

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Classics For Kids

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  • Note Name Game (Staff notation memory - recommended for beginners)

  • Rockin' Rhythm Master (Basic rhythm copying)

  • Compose your own music (Place notes on the staff and hear it play)

  • Composer Time Machine (Teaches about famous composers and demonstrates their music, as the player chooses).

Mission to Magmamon

This is really hard to master, but is AWESOME to play!! Hitting the right key on the keyboard, will fire off at the notes coming on the stave lines. BUT the notes split from 4 beats, to 2 to 1, to 1/2 before they are destroyed!  Students will learn to be quick or be beaten lol...PS- please tell them, that I got absolutely demolished in my first round.

Jayde Musica Music Theory Game

Set this game to 'easy', and ask students to use their 'cheat sheets' (found in their folders at the back) to help at first.  This game has a pretty simple format -  notes on the staff slide along and the student needs to select what note it is before it reaches the other side of the screen.  It's educational, but might be boring after a while.. If the student likes it... Yay!  If not, move on!

Theta Music

There is a treasure trove of learning here.  Some of it is advanced theory, for the more experienced student.  There are also some great training games for developing the musical 'ear'.

  • Tone Trees, Chord Drops and Key Puzzles.

  • Parrot phrases: is great for learning to play by ear

  • Three Tones Minor and Three Tones Major:  super for those learning scales structures

  • Number Blaster

  • Flash Notation: teaches note reading on the stave

  • Rhythm Puzzles: for rhythm (notation)

  • Dango Brothers:  helps train the ear

Funbrain Interval Games

3 Games that help reinforce interval learning.  These are concepts that a student cannot get enough of for fluent sight reading.

Making Music Fun Rhythm Game

A fun rhythm game, where you have to catch the rhythm notations.  Student chooses which rhythm they'd like to learn each time..

Kongregate Musical Interval Recognition

Simple game to drill the recognition of intervals. These are concepts students can't get enough of for fluent sight reading.

APP - Bass Cat, Treble Cat, Rhythm Cat

...for iPad, Android, Mac and Windows 8.

These are highly engaging and easy to download and play.

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