Kiddy Keys - Real, fun, no-practice piano know-how for the pre-school musician.

To Parents of all the little movers and groovers out there!
The ones that spark up with joy when their favourite music plays!

Their favourite play things are their little toy piano that drives you crazy, their drum and anything that makes a noise!
You have a musical child!

And you already know what that could mean. Your child could be tomorrow’s star!
They could have a hobby for self expression that gives them something real to anchor to in our modern world.

Your child could grow up in a family home that’s filled with music.

You want to foster this musical love and curiosity and you want to give your child avenues to learn and explore this.

But… there have been so many ‘buts’!

Instruments are expensive. Would my child sit still in a real piano lesson?

My 3-5 year old is not gonna want to practice… get real!

What if they lose their love of music in forced, structured lessons?
Maybe you’ve looked at preschool music lessons instead, but you can see that for a lot less money, ABC’s PlaySchool offers much the same.
Perhaps you should wait until your child is older.


You bring your child with all the enthusiasm of their musical play to a weekly

KiddyKeys® Class.

Here they can stir their own creative genius, in a group with other little budding musicians,
into a joyful 40 minutes of specialised games, song, movement, story, colour and
instruments that are designed to teach them VERY REAL, SOUND, MUSICAL KNOW-HOW.
Were not just dancing to a few beats in this class!

And even better… it’s GUARANTEED FUN!

In a KiddyKeys® Class your child’s love of music will be protected. Grown. Fostered.
Their musical knowledge will flourish.

KiddyKeys® older graduates take their musical knowledge and confidence into their future
instrument lessons.
They will BEG to learn piano or a musical instrument of their choice.
You won’t hear “Mummy it’s too hard, I want to quit” from the KiddyKeys® student.
With all they now know, they will launch themselves into competent levels of musical
expression, fueling the motivation and persistence needed to succeed and keep playing.

The piano won’t be gathering dust in YOUR home.

Awesome, right??


Who is KiddyKeys®? Where did it spring from?

KiddyKeys® was founded in the US by music educator Kris Skaletski in 2007

 and endorsed by world renowned music educator and the author of the famous

Piano Pronto education series, Jennifer Eklund.

You can feel confident that the program has been written by experienced and passionate music educators who dedicated themselves to bringing a program of the highest quality to introduce and foster music appreciation and understanding to pre-school children, with community values and respect. Positive reinforcement and FUN are core to the learning experience for your child.
Hundreds of kids around the world are benefitting from this program right now.

“KiddyKeys empowerd my children to glide effortlessly into playing and thoroughly enjoying piano by the age of five.  It exposes young children to music theory in such a way that it becomes second nature to them, and after they leave the program, learning even more sophisticated music theory continues to be fun, hence easy.”
Missy, Mother of Liam and Colin

All world-wide KiddyKeys® educators share this dedication, expertise, passion and love of music with each and every budding star who enters their classroom.

And that includes me.  Hello, I’m Leela.

I've been narrating this story for you so far.
I’m the director of Skips & Steps Piano in Baldivis and I’m also lucky enough to be

a KiddyKeys® teacher.

The KiddyKeys® program fills me with glee. Finally a program for little ones that gives real value.

One I can be proud to teach. Finally a program that lets all those creative little ones,,who just aren't ready for formal lessons yet, explore and build their musicality and knowledge!
And I’m able to introduce it here in Baldivis/Rockingham for the first time.


Now I'm ready for the nuts & bolts.

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